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My thoughts...

Proposal/Marketing Ideas


Website Design: Informative Homepage with high quality videos, pictures and product demo. 

Blog: Creative writing series by Rosaland with weekly posts that include product links.


Social Media Strategy

I recommend a cohesive digital footprint. With the introduction of reels, YouTube shorts, Pinterest videos and tiktok, posting the same content on all platforms can be seamless. The posts would be a mix of original content, trendy posts, informative wedding tips/inspo posts and promo videos from local and preferred vloggers/content creators. I recommend providing a range of helpful wedding tips with integrated promotional posts.

Social Media Management

IG: 1 post per day. This post would either be on stories or main page. 

Facebook business page:1 post per day. Same exact post from IG.

Pinterest Posts: A mix of wedding inspiration pics and recycled posts from IG. Post 1-3 times per week.

YouTube shorts: Will be pulled from IG posts (second phase)

TikTok: Same content from IG formatted for Tiktok (second phase)

Recommendations: I recommend a weekly content calendar and planned posts meeting. All content should be approved at least 2 days in advance. Example topics: upcoming sales, upcoming conferences, demo video releases, campaigns, local and world news. Want to make sure posts are inclusive and current. This meeting is also a excellent time to discuss new brand information, infographics, pictures and videos that could be included in posts.

Insights & Analytics

Will initially review social media insights and analytics and report findings weekly. I recommend this approach so we're able to quickly see what posts are performing well and what should be changed. Will also track/monitor metrics and determine how many followers are actually clicking links to app.

Customer Experience

Recommend growing the brand's following organically.  Followers and potential customers should enjoy the content and not feel like all posts are only marketing materials (even if they are).


Kevin B.

LeBrandi was influential in creating and streamlining my business protocols. 


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